L A T E S T  R E L E A S E S

Announcing the new CD release Ember Days from Carl Weingarten  featuring 10 new instrumental recordings will be available February 12, 2021, with special guests Michael Manring (bass), Ulrich Schnauss (synthesizers), Pete Calandra (keyboards), Kit Walker (piano), Tate Bissinger (vocals) and Delay Tactics members David Udell (guitar) and Walter Whitney (synthesizers) with photography by Anne Kohler and cover art by Martin Stranka.
"For those not in the know, Carl's music is a guitar-led excursion into what you might call the realms of the likes of ECM artists, in a more laid-back guise, mixed with bucketloads of melody, tunes and atmospherics, in other words, serious music that's just a joy to hear, and washes over you like a summer breeze."  --Gee-Force Magazine
" . . .all-instrumental album features a sublime mix of heavenly instrumental music that blends New Age and electronica held together by Carl’s searing electric guitar work.
Roots Music Report
" Carl Weingarten has made an album of such sweet simplicity and pastoral bliss that’s like a ride through the countryside, with landscapes changing around every corner. " John Diliberto, Echoes Radio
"Guitarospheres Live, a single long-form ambient solo guitar performance The beautiful swells of effected electric guitar sounds clocks in at a dreamy 41 minutes and is something that a listener won’t want to spin just once" Expose' Magazine