C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N


C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N

G U I T A R O S O S P H E R E S   L I V E

Previously available only as a bonus disc in the Ember Days box set, this live recording from The Harding House Concert Series recorded on June 16, 2016 is now available for purchase and download. 

C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N

A  F I S T F U L  O F  D U S T  (Single)

A Fistful of Dust is the new forthcoming single from Carl Weingarten.  A down-tempo chill production, Dust pays tribute to Western and Sci-Fi film composers Ennio Morricone (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly)  and Dominic Frontiere (The Outer Limits). 

Available to buy and stream on November 12, 2021 from Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon Music and others.
C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N
E M B E R  D A Y S
"Carl Weingarten’s long embrace of technology has paid off handsomely in the making of Ember Days, an album with his signature pristine sound and the perfect, stress-relieving, soul-satisfying elixir for these trying times."  --Something ELSE! Magazine
M O R E  M U S I C  F R O M  M U L T I P H A S E  R E C O R D S