C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N



C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N

A  F I S T F U L  O F  D U S T 

A Fistful of Dust is the new single from Carl Weingarten.  Dust is from Carl's forthcoming CD release Stop Me Try coming in early 2022.

You can stream and download A Fistful Of Dust on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora and other download and streaming services.
C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N

G U I T A R O S O S P H E R E S   L I V E

Previously available only as a bonus disc in the Ember Days box set, this live recording from The Harding House Concert Series recorded on June 16, 2016 is now available for purchase and download. 

C A R L  W E I N G A R T E N
E M B E R  D A Y S
"Carl Weingarten’s long embrace of technology has paid off handsomely in the making of Ember Days, an album with his signature pristine sound and the perfect, stress-relieving, soul-satisfying elixir for these trying times."  --Something ELSE! Magazine
M O R E  M U S I C  F R O M  M U L T I P H A S E  R E C O R D S