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The Simian River Collection 1980-2020

Multiphase Records is proud to announce the release of The Simian River 
Collection 1980 - 2020,
an extensive compilation featuring the music of  guitarist/composer Carl Weingarten. This limited edition release provides a comprehensive overview of Carl's signature ambient, experimental sound and melodic blend of slide guitar and ensemble music.

Simian River Cover 300dpi Square 1700.jpg

3 X CDs

Spanning four decades, this 41-track limited edition compilation comes in a 3xCD digipack featuring selected tracks taken from 13 album releases with 37

guest and musicians and collaborators, including previously unreleased, remixed, live recordings.




Simian River Cover 300dpi Square 1700.jpg
Carl Weingarten Walt's Studio circa 1983 800x800 levels.jpg

“I think of this project as a journal, with each disc as a chapter, and each song as a dispatch along a creative journey. Each chapter covers a specific period and the music I was exploring at the time. Like the Simian line that runs across the palm of my right hand, there are intersections and side trips as well, into previously unreleased music, remixes and live recordings. The music reflects where I was living, my influences, my development as a composer, producer and guitarist, and the many brilliant musicians and artists I’ve been blessed to work with and learn from.”

The Musicians

Carl Weingarten guitars, slide guitars, looping, sequencing and delays, Michael Manring bass, Ulrich Schnauss synthesizers, Robert Powell pedal steel, Joe Venegoni mbira, percussion, hammered dulcimer, Kit Walker piano, Barbara Else flutes, Walter Whitney synthesizer, guitar, David Udell acoustic guitar, Angela Fields cello, Brian Knave percussion and harmonica, R Scott Bryan percussion, Jim Mayer bass, Peter Mayer guitar, Dan Reiter cello, Robin Bonnell cello, Tom Whitehead piano, John Hanes piano, Barry Cleveland guitar, percussion, Kat Epple flute, Gale Ormiston sequencing, keyboard, Geoff Seitz violin, Asa Harris vocals, Butch Thomas saxophone, Mark Epstein bass, Dominic Schaeffer saxophone, David Finn piano, Celso Alberti drums, percussion, Jeff Oster flugel horn, Tate Bissinger vocals, Mike Parker sequencing, Pat Duffey acoustic and electric guitars, Billie Duffey bass, J. Amar viola, Danny Fo Jammi Stefacek synthesizer, Monica Reed vocals, Grete Ly Pindma vocals, Eeva Trei vocals

Compiled and Produced by Carl Weingarten

Mastering: J. Goody, Megasonic Studios

Design: Jenya Chernoff

Photographers: Mary Bigham-Bartling, Stephanie Williamson

Front Cover: Lori Piccone-Mazzaferro

Copyright © 2023 Multiphase Records MP-CD128

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