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Elements of Surprise - Review
"Although Delay Tactics is described as a techno-pop instrumental trio, this is not cheesy pop with electronic beats. Instead, it is a collection of superb musical pieces that range from delightful laid back slide guitar over atmospheric music layers to faster tempo compositions with dance beats, always topped by excellent guitar work.

Elements of Surprise features the original Delay Tactics members, the talented Walter Whitney, Carl Weingarten and David Udell. The trio invited the fantastic fretless bass player Michael Manring, who adds a fabulous jazz fusion edge.

The lineup includes Walter Whitney on synthesizers, electric guitar, manipulated sounds, fizzy guitar, drums, piano; David Udell on electric/lead guitar, steel and nylon string acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards synth, cut and paste; Carl Weingarten on acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, loops, delays; and Michael Manring on fretless bass."
--Progressive Rock
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"This Midwestern trio has developed a sound that captures all the quirky pop appeal of Brian Eno's early solo work..."  



"After Emotional Rescue's reissue of Weingarten & Whitney's wonderful Dreaming In Colors, their reassessment of Delay Tactics is transportive and revelatory. The almost shocking range and ingenuity shown on Imperfect Strangers places them at the forefront of the 80's US avant-garde where they respectfully belong!"  --Michelangelo Bettaglia (Vinyl Dreams Store, San Francisco)

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